<p align = "justify">There are three (3) focus areas in the supply pillar in order to shape our workforce to achieve Goal 1 of
Wawasan 2035 which is to ensure that the people of Brunei Darussalam are educated, highly skilled and
accomplished. The focus areas looks to provide the appropriate skills and competencies to cater for the
industries, ranging from TVET to tertiary level education, including encouraging the upskilling and
reskilling culture on the workforce. In order for the workforce to be internationally competitive, the
supply pillar also aims to improve the resiliency of the workforce and parents alike and incorporate a
solution-based, independent and entrepreneurial mindset. </p>
<p align = "justify">The three (3) focus areas in the demand pillar is to have a strong relationship with industries for the
development of workforce, as a strong workforce is key to economic growth to achieve diversification
and innovation of solutions. Through this pillar, we hope to address the factors ranging from labour
wages and practices to identification of manpower demands (both current and forecasted) in order to
increase the potential of both workforce and industries. </p>
<p align ="justify">The enablers pillar aspires to cater in meeting the goals of both the supply and demand pillars. The key
enablers are JobCentre Brunei (JCB) with their potential to facilitate a relationship between the
industries and workforce as well as a reporting portal and labour market database whereby more
efficient policies can be derived from data analytics of our labour market.</p>